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Founded in 2021, Threshold Architecture understands that a cabin is not the same as an everyday home. There is a stronger connection to the landscape; the “threshold” between inside and outside gets blurred. It’s a place to get away “up north”, no matter what direction you are going. Your cabin design embraces who you are and how you and your family connect to that space. It expands when friends and extended family visit for the weekend or stays cozy when the neighbor from across the pond stops in for a casual sunset refreshment.

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The design process is very personal and that is why working closely with you is important. Understanding your morning routines, how you like to entertain and what you enjoy doing while you snuggle up by the fireplace at the end of the day; all have an impact on the design. Working together as a team is very important. We all have great ideas to share and together we can build on each other’s ideas. Listening to and interpreting my client’s ideas is the top priority. Working as a team, we can turn those ideas into a reality.

Our Design Process ➤

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Nicholas Cowan

Nicholas grew up in a small town in southeastern Wisconsin with two older brothers. Every summer his family took a two week vacation traveling across the United States. Pulling a small camper behind the van allowed them to take the scenic way throughout the countryside. His interest in residential architecture was sparked as he toured small simple homes to the large extravagant mansions. He followed this spark to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. From there, he pursued a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
After college he started designing upscale homes in the Chicagoland area. Later he and his wife moved to Minnesota where he continued to build on his experience designing residential homes in the Twin Cities area. After designing his first cabin several years ago, he discovered his love for this type of architecture. Leaving the big architectural firm behind, he set out on his own path to design cabins and lake homes for people who really wanted them but needed to stretch a little to afford them.

With over 15 years of residential design experience, Nicholas has gained the technical knowledge of designing a home from the foundation to the roof and everything that surrounds it.

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Exploring Minnesota

I look forward to hearing your stories about traveling throughout Minnesota. Here are a few of the places my family and I have been:
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My parents took me…

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And I took my kids…
to go find waterfalls

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Time to play